Parking at the North Central West Virginia Airport is easy to use, close-in, and affordable. 


The parking lot is controlled by automated parking equipment. Your ticket is dispensed upon entering the parking lot. When you are ready to leave the parking lot, you may scan your parking ticket at either the Pay Station located outside of the entrance to the main terminal or at the Pay Station at the exit gate. If you choose to use the Pay Station outside of the entrance to the main terminal, you have 30 minutes to exit the parking lot. 

Major credit and debit cards are accepted. Payment instructions are posted on each Pay Station.


First hour: No Charge
1 to 2 hours $1
2 to 4 hours $2
4 to 6 hours $3
Up to 8 hours $4

8 hours up to 24 hours maxes out at $5. 

Please note, the parking rates are reflective of a 24-hour time period from when you pulled the parking ticket, not on a calendar day. 

Lost ticket? Please contact Airport Administration for assistance in exiting the lot.